Track unlocked!

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Want to help unlock Loreen’s new track 'Paper Light Revisited'? Share 'Paper Light (Higher)' by posting the link http://spoti.fi/LoreenPaperlight and #WarriorsUnlock on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to release the new track! When the counter hits 100% it will be released exclusively on Spotify!


How can i be part of unlocking Paper Light Revisited?
By sharing the Spotify-link to Paper Light (Higher) http://spoti.fi/LoreenPaperlight and #WarriorsUnlock on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram-account. You can also share the track directly in Spotify by right clicking the track, selecting “share” and then sharing it directly in the Spotify client.

How does the % meter increase?
The meter increases by collecting and combining the amount of shared Spotify-links on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify as well as the amount of streams on Paper Light (Higher)

What needs to be included to increase the % meter and unlocking the new track?
http://spoti.fi/LoreenPaperlight and #WarriorsUnlock

How long will it take until the track unlocks?
It depends on how fast the link to Paper Light (Higher) is shared around the world as well as how much Paper Light (Higher) is played in Spotify. The more shares and plays, the faster the track will be unlocked on Spotify.

Can I share the track on all several of my social medias and help unlock the track faster?

How does my share show up on the “maps” section?
By having an open Instagram account and selecting the geo-location feature on Twitter and Instagram a pin will show up where you shared the track from.